New Hospital in Estepona opening in February 2021

Since moving to the area 18 years ago, Estepona has grown from an average Costa del Sol town into the beautiful, clean and energetic town we see today. Since 2013 Estepona has seen an increase in tourism of a massive 43%, bringing with it investor confidence, a rise in property values and one of the safest environments I have had the pleasure of living in.

The mayor José María García Urbano has driven the town forwards with street renovations, a new theatre, a new feria area, a sports arena, plentiful events and of course the New hospital. His ambition for Estepona has seen no bounds and with limited capital he has created “The garden of the Costa del Sol”

We have all waited in anticipation for the new hospital to open it´s doors, stopping the long slog to the Costa del Sol for the residents here.

The new hospital in Estepona will have the capacity to attend almost 80 percent of the consultations in the region that are currently being treated at the Costa del Sol Hospital (Marbella), which will involve more than 85,000 consultations, 91,000 emergencies and 4,000 surgeries every year.

It has cost over €17 million euros to date with half of those funds provided by Estepona itself and half from the Andalucian Government. Situated in the Santa María area of Estepona, west of the town centre, the new medical facility will cover a built area of 14,300m2 on 60,166m2 of land and there will be 7,000 square meters of new gardens, including a seven-meter-high vertical embankment wall with plants. Native Mediterranean species will surround the hospital building itself and finally the car park will enjoy shady trees.”

We have all been waiting with anticipation for the opening of the hospital and there has been a recent statement from the CCOO of the Costa de Sol Hospital, which says it echoes the information from the Costa del Sol Health Agency, which has reported that “due to the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is likely that the Estepona Hospital will open by the 1st February, 2021 “.

Watch this space.

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