Above and Beyond Business Solutions

Charlotte Davey of ABBS

Part of my belief system at Kiwii is to work together as a community and to lift up and help local businesses. With that in mind, I am proud to include in the news section, information about my friend´s new business, launched only last week in the Manilva area.

Charlotte was inspired by the “need for change” created during unprecedented times to create her business which helps small and medium size companies to be more agile in challenging and confusing markets and environments.

ABBS is a business to business service and skills provider.

Operating online and onsite to take your business to improved levels of performance, profile and profit.

Above and Beyond Business Solutions was founded by Charlotte Davey.

”Thank you Claire @ KIWI for inviting me to be included in this extra special time for you and your business – LAUNCH DAY !! 

So, when is the best time to launch a new business one may ask?

The immediate response would probably be “not in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.”

However, my belief is, that in times of a crisis the human heart, body and mind can be the most powerful source of strength, hope and energy.

If we want it to be.

The range of emotions in any crisis are probably extreme.  The plateau or status quo quite often broken.

In my case, the COVID Pandemic was an opportunity to do something for fellow business owners.

In a world where everything is fluid, confusing, changeable, not within anyone’s direct control because Worldwide Health has to be the official priority, I want to help people.

I am in awe of medical personnel at any level. I, apart from an empathetic ear, have nothing to offer in medical experience.

However I have 25 years of BUSINESS experience and the desire to help businesses see the wood for the trees at a time when everything has been thrown into turmoil.

Most small business owners are completely passionate about their business and their business is an extension of themselves.

My company, ABOVE AND BEYOND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – ABBS, will help identify the CORE STRENGTH of any business and offer services to help sustain, improve and grow.

I cannot wait to play a practical part in the success story for any business, any sector, any location.  Please let me help you to stay on top of your game regardless of the challenges we all have now and in the future.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Claire on the launch of KIWII.  I look forward to following your success and supporting a fellow business owner as much as I can!”


Principal Services  – WHAT ABBS DOES

Business Planning

Business Analysis

Coaching & Mentoring

Temporary Resources

Brand Management

Financial Evaluation

People Power

Client Relationship Building 

To Contact Charlotte

+44 7929 976 974

Her office is located in Sabillinas: Calle Bolivia 12, San Luis De Sabinillas,


Thank you Charlotte for sharing your exciting new venture with us. Kiwii are proud to be associated with you and ABBS, and we wish you huge success.

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